Thursday, March 29, 2007

Father/Daughter Weddings? Gotta Hand It To Christian Values

An article caught my attention and chapped my ass.

Seems there are father daughter "Purity Balls" where little girls are dressed up like brides, or prom queens to go on "dates" with their fathers where they will exchange rinds and vows of chastity (the fathers vow to "cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the area of purity" and be pure in their own lives) before having a first dance with daddy and eating wedding cake.

How sick is this shit?

From the article:

"Randy and Lisa Wilson, parents of seven (five girls), originated the purity ball at their Generations of Light ministry in Colorado Springs in 1998. Their mission is to preserve girls' chastity by building healthy father-daughter relationships."

How in the fuck is pretending to marry your dad a healthy father-daughter relationship. Hell, were I come from, it doesn't get much unhealthier than pretending to be Daddy's 10 year old wife and property.

They're only a degree better than the sick fucks who would actually take their daughter's virginity. It's still a father laying claim on his child's body and teaching her that his love for her and her value as a human being is tied to what's between her legs.

Here's a tip to all me evangelical friends out there.. (and I know you're out there, you hypocritical fucks, because I've spoken to you at $3.99 per minute when you mention my blog or others like it) If you want your daughter to save it for marriage, try teaching her that her body, and the care of it, is her own responsibility. Try teaching her that her value lies not in her sexuality, but in her intelligence, her decency, her talent, and her work ethic. Encourage her to be proud of who she is and make her believe a bright future is attainable, so that she doesn't want to risk it all by getting pregnant or sick.

It may not keep her a virgin, but it will be more likely to keep her alive and well and she won't be putting out for the first boy who tells her he loves her and wants to marry her.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This Is Your Call On Crack

I really hate getting calls from men who are drunk or stoned. Having them impaired by both blinding lust and debilitating chemicals seems like such an unsporting advantage.

Besides, a lot of times, it increases desire while decreasing ability. A man who can't cumm but wants to can be an annoyance. Oh sure, it makes for a profitable call. But it's annoying nonetheless.