Sunday, January 14, 2007

This just in..

I have an update on the studly sissy..

He does just want to fuck me! He does! He Does!

{{{Dani does the happy dance while breaking out the lube and the lipstick for the sissy who likes to fuck.}}

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why Can't Men Like That Ever Just Want To Fuck Me?

There's a guy I talk to.. we'll call him Rhonda.. wants to be femme.

He looks like Ralph Fiennes with a built up body. All muscles, and meat, and dreamy green eyes. It makes me want to bang my head against the desk to turn him into a woman.

Wax the eyebrows -*bang*

Orange cover for the beard shadow- *bang*

Shave the chest hair-*bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang**bang* *bang**bang* *bang**bang* *bang*