Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've taken a position with a new company, specializing in domination and it's kept me very busy.

You'd be amazed how many men need to be tormented, beaten, restrained, and humiliated in preparation for holidays with the family.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Of Sex and Science

A new study has determined that there is no firm link between promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. They point to the fact that nations with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS are not the nations with the highest rates of promiscuity.

Sometimes, scientists fucking kill me. I don’t know what part if "sexually transmitted" is confusing.

Don’t get me wrong, in general, I love them. I question everything, have the hots for Jamie and Adam on Mythbusters (I know, they’re not actually scientists,) and become utterly provoked when pseudo-scientists like ghost hunters claim what they do is science though they’ve clearly never heard the words "scientific method."

But to deny that promiscuity has any correlation to sexually transmitted disease defies reason. Any fool knows, if you continue to dip from the well, eventually, you’ll pull up the goldfish that’s been down there.

Their reasoning takes into account only one factor contributing to the spread of one STD. The scientists themselves displayed a lack of cultural understanding when they said they expected to see the most promiscuous behavior in regions like Africa where the virus is most concentrated.

Africa... where so many people are devout Muslims or Christians. This is where they expected the highest concentration of promiscuity.


Of course the disease is spreading rapidly when a good potion of the continent had HIV before we knew how to prevent it and few people could afford condoms once we understood they protection they afford.

Nowadays, every African woman who sleeps with a single man, and make no mistake, that’s the average number of partners for an African woman, has a fifty-fifty chance of contracting the disease. And every single woman who has the virus can give birth and pass it down to more than one child before she dies. It’s amazing there are any Africans left, with or without promiscuity.
They may as well have said "there are more dark people in Africa than in Europe, ergo, sleeping with dark people has no direct effect on the outcome of your potential offspring’s skin tone." It makes about as much sense.

It’s simply not possible to determine the effect of promiscuity on the spread of disease without removing other factors which would skew the results. No credible scientist would run such a study and call the results conclusive. I’m confidant when the test subjects are all from a relatively equal socioeconomic class and all have equal access to condoms, you’ll find sexually transmitted disease is more prevalent in the more promiscuous population.

And lest you think condom use is the single difference in the spread of disease, and promiscuity may be dismissed as a factor, you should understand condoms do not prevent all STD’s and won’t prevent any at all if improperly used. Many people are not aware of the basics principles of condom use for disease prevention and either don’t use condoms for the entire duration of all sexual encounters or don’t use condoms and dental dams during oral sex.

Ok, so why am I getting all worked up about this? Well, for one, I like to beat dead horses, and this bastard’s still needs one last kick. But mostly because the claims of this study are dangerous. They promote a false sense of security. And the people most at risk are the ones we should be most passionate about protecting. They are the young, who have more time and drive to be promiscuous and less experience discerning when something is nonsense.
I’m pissed because I have children, who will one day want to have sex, and I will have to combat the dangerous misinformation coming from people who, at first blush, seem to be experts.

200 years ago, everyone knew the prostitute down in the red light district was going to die of the pox before the holy housewife. It took modern fucking science to deny what common sense has always known.

You can find an article on the study I'm bitching about here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Put the Ginger Root Down and Back Away Slowly

Ok, I realize I've been a bit obsessed with figging. I'm unreasonably fascinated that such a large portion of my visitors are into it when I've only once heard it come up on the phone.

In live, one on one conversation, I've heard far more people tell me they want to be shrunken by some mystery potion slipped in their drinks, and then tormented and ingested by their now proportionately giant girlfriends. I'm guessing in real time, more people are partaking of the ginger than of their shrunken boyfriends. But I digress.

I need to get over the figging. I've beaten that dead horse for far too long now, and it's time to move on. In the interests of aiding the pink-rectumed public, I've found some good links on figging.

The first is a google-goup on figging. It seems they had the idea before I did, but I bet they don't have a cool song. And don't get me started on the secret handshake. Anyway, you can find the hip figsters hanging out at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/figging

www.figging.com has excerpts from stories and articles which reference figging, including a Harry Potter fan-fiction and a Mad-Libs style job.

And for the detailed ins and outs of figging, you may want to visit Master Michael's infamous article on the art of ginger play, posted at http://www.albanypowerexchange.com/figging1.htm