Friday, July 06, 2007

An Impolite Conversation About Money

When done right, there are some great perks to working as a phone sex operator.

Aside from saving cash and time on commuting and dry cleaning, when done correctly, it pays really fucking well.

Now this is not to say all operators make good money. In fact, the sad part of it is that the least paid are often the worst treated. Poor operators being forced to sit by their phones during their entire shift, or even wear headsets for hours on end, waiting for the tell-tale beep of a call coming through. These women are often end up making less than minimum wage when they get done. It's legal because they sign on as independant contractors, which is why it's also legal to offer no benefits or overtime while not with-holding taxes or paying unemployment insurance for them. No, for these poor bitches and bastards, life can be a stressful stream of calls from often abusive men, talking about things they may find distrubing under the supervision of a legal form of pimp or procuress who harasses them to make their minimum average call lengths.

If you're a caller, please be aware that you may be speaking with one of these women who takes a job at home for whatever reason and hasn't yet figured out how to make good money at what she does. it's her job to show you a good time, so even if you ask her about it, she'd be obligated to give some story about how she just really loves to get off with 20 self-indulgant strangers(and one or two kind gentelemen)a night so BE FUCKING NICE!

That said, once operators figure out how to get off the hamster wheel and work for themselves, or for a more, shall we say, appreciative company, it's possible to make pretty good money.

I get an average of $75 per hour for talking plus tips and gifts. Now, some of that goes back into advertising, and I have to spend some unpaid time in promoting myself. Still, my total wage for the hours I put in is around $50 per hour.

Now, I can see the little wheels in your head turning 'oh my gosh, thats's $50 per hour at 40 hours a week for 2k a week.. fifty two weeks a year, figure taking a few weeks vacation, that bitch is banking over a hundred thou a year. Oh gotta start turning phone tricks!'

Cool your jets, happy hooker. It's not that simple. It's true, I make really good money when I work. But unlike those poor call center slaves, I don't get call after call. And while a good number of calls last an hour or more, many end in just a few minutes. So, even among those of us who know how to bring in good money per hour, I don't personally know anyone who makes $100k off phone sex alone. And it's not as though we can go out partying with the money while we're not on the phone. In order to make the money, we have to dedicate the same hours anyone else does to a job, making ourselves availabel for when the phone rings.