Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Fetish Explained

OK, now I can see what turns guys on about it.

Watch and see...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Exposing the Hypocrites

Since my last post (ok, rant) about the Purity Balls, I've been seething a bit. I thought about all the sexism and hypocrisy of religious zealots, which started me thinking about the sexism and hypocrisy of so many others.

You see, I speak to these freaky bastards all the time. Especially on the really kinky calls. I've had politicians, judges, religious leaders, and leaders of industry call me from across the world to spank it while I tell them sordid stories about my imaginary antics.

Now, I'm not one to rain on anyone's orgasm, but some of these people are real pieces of work. It takes a real shit to argue against same sex marriage, or even civil unions, when you're a crossdresser and part time cocksucker, even if it's only in fantasy. It's a real asshole who'll say women should be virgins on their wedding day, while he pays prostitutes to play with him. And it particularly chaps my ass to hear anyone preach about the sanctity of marriage while spending thousands of dollars from his married income while talking to me each night, and his wife hasn't seen him at bedtime in weeks.

It all comes down to people pretending to be what they're not for the sake of what they think other people want to see and hear. And the reason they care about other people's opinions usually boils down to money and how much of it they can get from people who like them. The problem is, most of the others are hiding their own freaky shit anyway, and while you're keeping up appearances for the neighbors, you're also perpetuating the problem.

I've said for a long time that if people were just open and honest about what turns them on, the world would be far better off because we would all be humbled.

This issue has bee bothering me so much it's brought me to a decision that wasn't easy to make. I've decided to expose my caller list.

I realized I have no contract with them, either expressed or implied, which would keep me from listing the real hypocrites who call me. Some of the names you'll recognize, most you won't, but whether they're famous, infamous, or only known to their family and friends, they have all shown me a very different face than they present to the world. Sometimes, the dichotomy is shocking.

Want to know about the Minister who likes to talk about being a sex slave? Or how about the "family values" politician who wants me to be his neighbors 18 year old daughter? There's the actor who loves to talk about his politics but hasn't mentioned how many times he's paid two and three girls at a time to wear cheerleader outfits and then calls me to tell the what to do. Or maybe you happen to know the average joe, pro-life shitheel who hasn't paid his child support, but has the cash to give me a ring for an hour.

I'm gathering my list now, and I'll have it posted in a bit.

Check back soon, and buckle up... it's going to be a bumpy ride.